No need to Gamble at APEX: Key Technology and Innovation Abound
New Las Vegas Venue succeeds in adding many bells and whistles to our Industry's key show in North America
Apex: Successful Event at New Venue
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: Mandalay Convention Center Performers added spice to the Apex trade show this year with mime and acrobatic performances.

Congratulations to the IPC management who pulled off this successful event in the new Las Vegas location. Many companies enjoyed a steady stream of key technology people dropping by to see new technology first hand. Transition Automation showed our new innovation: the Self-Cleaning squeegee system. It was great to see Apex going strong and weathering the move to this new location. Despite uncertain economic times, it appears that the Electronic Assembly and SMT business is going pretty well.

Transition updates its web site to reveal live-action video of new Paste Manager Self-Cleaning Squeegee System
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Photo Caption: Innovation is a key to many companys' success navigating electronics manufacturing up and down cycles. Transition's self-cleaning squeegee system is sure to spur more innovation in solder paste formulations and print quality improvements.

The above still shot is taken straight from the video which can now be seen live at Transition Automation's web site. If you click on the photo, you will be directed straight to our web site and you can take a look. Transition has completed the marketing materials for this new product. It sure looks simple in size, shape and form, however looks are deceiving when one considers that this breakthrough took over 2 years of development. The demand to improve the SMT printing process is enduring as the SMT printer still produces the majority of manufacturing defects on the SMT line.
If you would like to see a more detailed video sequence of this new product, visit www.permalex.com, and click on the small text link below the lower right hand graphic. You will be prompted to accept the mpeg4 video which runs about 30 seconds. Let us know your interest by filling in the "further info" link located near the video download link.

Benefits of a built in "live spatula" are many fold: Read on to learn more…
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The graphic presentation above shows that with the live action of a self-cleaning squeegee, there's a possibility to greatly expand the capability of a normal SMT printer, by enlarging the range of viscosities which will produce acceptable printing quality.

Innovate, Automate, or Evaporate! In the world of Electronics Manufacturing, this one liner has defined many companys' outlooks over the years. One might add the additional words: Migrate and Consolidate to complete the picture. When it comes to Transition Automation's self-cleaning squeegee system, SMT engineers now have a tool that covers two bases: It is highly innovative, and helps to automate a key aspect within the SMT printer: cleaning the squeegees after each print stroke. We are also inviting the idea that now, instead of delicately balancing between "sticking" and "slumping", SMT engineers may now focus more directly on Print Quality, and worry less about paste sticking. The majority of attendees who visited our Apex booth showed interest and complimented us on the neat engineering of this new product. We were very happy to hear their positive comments and look forward to assisting them to adopt this new process enhancing system.

Technology for Improving SMT Print Quality and Production Yield
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