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Electronic Squeegee Orders (Visa, Master Card, American Express)
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To use our on-line form, click the "Buy" button next to the items you wish to purchase and fill out the form below. To help ensure a secure transaction you will need a current Internet browser with secure encryption technology (either Netscape 4.5 or higher / Microsoft 5.0 or higher, is recommended). Once your order is received, we will contact you via email, telephone or fax to confirm pricing and delivery of your new squeegees. If you need assistance, please refer to the page containing the squeegee models based on the type of printer. If you require a model not listed or special configurations contact our sales department at or 1-800-648-3338 for immediate attention.

All * (Required) form fields must be filled out in order for us to recieve this form.

Note: Some models require paste retainers to be ordered separately. All blades are sold in quantity of one. You will prompted to specify length in inches or millimeters.

Transition Automation honors a money back guarantee on all orders . A 15% re-stocking fee will be charged for all returns.

Description Catalog Code Price US Dollar Action

NOTE: Permalex Replacement Blade Only

Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades - (5.92 - 7.87 inch) (151 - 200 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-6 230.00 
Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades - (7.88 - 9.84 inch) (201 - 250 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-8 260.00 
Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades- (9.85 - 11.81 inch) (251 - 300 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-10 290.00 
Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades - (11.82 - 13.78 inch) (301 - 350 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-12 320.00 
Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades - (13.79 - 15.75 inch) (351 - 400 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-14 350.00 
Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades - (15.76 - 17.72 inch) (401 - 450 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-16 380.00 
Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades - (17.73 - 19.69 inch) (451 - 500 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-18 410.00 
Magnaprint Replacement Permalex Metal Blades - (19.72 - 21.65 inch) (501 - 550 mm)  PLX-OEM-MAG-1.25-20 440.00 
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